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Welcome to the 2die4games website and the PC computer version of the Carcassonne game.

Do you love to play the Carcassonne board game? Are you looking for a way to play it on your computer? You've come to the right place.

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The award winnning Carcassonne game is the most popular selling German board game in the United States.

Listen to a WorldView interview with the Jay Tummelson, the president of Rio Grande Games, on the popularity of German board games in America or listen to a 90 second segment of the interview discussing the Carcassonne game here:

View the game's User Guide for a detailed description of the game and screenshots.


Many modes of play and configurations are provided including:

  • Play against human and computer players.
  • Play local, network, and online games.
  • Play with any of the game's official rule variations.
  • Play with or without the River Tile expansion.
  • Play using a top-down, angled, or 3D view of the board.
  • Tailor computer player strategies to adjust their strength and strategies.

Version 1.89 (the latest official version of the game)


Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, and Vista with a minimum of a Pentium II processor, 64MBytes of memory, and a CD or DVD drive (to install the game).

Suite of Programs

Suite of Tools

Although the game was made and sold in Germany for German speaking players, we are providing a Suite of Tools with each game that provides, among other things, a complete German to English conversion of the game and its installation program.

The Suite of Tools provides a collection of six programs that provides improved game install/uninstall procedures and many additional program configuration options to enhance your Carcassonne game playing experience.

Want to learn more about the Suite of Tools? View the Suite of Tools user guide.

Purchase the game with the companion Suite of Tools at ebay logo